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Translation of Patient Forms, Policies & Medical Literature

When RIT performs the translation of medical documents or the translation of pharmaceutical documents, we choose a translator fluent not only in the source and target languages but also in medical vocabulary and terminology.

Whether you need the translation of medical records, patient forms, physician correspondence, educational literature, hospital policies or other medical documents, we can match your document with an experienced translator.

Our translators are available in more than 80 languages, and we also offer translations for use by courts, governmental agencies and professional organizations.

We offer a free, no-obligation quote for foreign language translation or interpreting services.

Onsite Interpreting

Get a better Service and Experience on interpretation & translation thru the Experts at RIT

We are a private agency of interpreters and translators providing on-site interpreters to hospitals, courts, schools, law firms and to social departments and a lot more either for government or for private sections as well as providing translation services.

Fortune 500 companies, law firms, hospitals, insurance companies, government offices, media companies and academic institutions rely on our interpreting services.

If you are conducting a deposition, An examination under oath, A medical exam, A public outreach campaign, An annual meeting, A seminar or training session, Or perhaps something else altogether.

You can trust the professionals of RIT Interpreting Services for all of your interpreting needs.

We also provide Sign Language and Telephonic interpreting as well as phone conferences and meetings.

Translation Services